Ladder to Recovery

"Ladder To Recovery, 12 Steps To Progress"

This website has been inspired by St. Raphael and the story in the Old Testament Book Tobit

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Recovery from Alcohol and Other Addictions, Afflictions, and Adversities

How to Practice the Presence of God

  1. Put yourself in the Presence of God by calling His Name:
    You put yourself in the presence of God by merely invoking His Name. It is just that simple. Whether you believe it or not, agree with it or not. When you call a friend, colleague, spouse or child, to get their attention, you typically first call out their name. With God, who is another person, it is no different. So, "Dear Lord," Loving Father," to "God Most High" all work. But, choose a name for Him you are most comfortable with, one that fits who you think He is. In other words, call upon Him, whatever you conceive Him to be. Then, speak to Him about whatever is bothering you, no matter what. And speak to Him about whatever you are angry with Him about as well: where ever you felt He let you down. Or, even about your doubting His presence, His existence. Pour out your heart to Him, no matter how you feel.
  2. Put yourself in His Presence by calling Upon Him a little more thoroughly, more completely:
    A. "Open my mouth O Lord, to praise your Holy Name, worship your Most Holy Being and adore Your Most Holy Presence."
    B. "You shall open my lips O Lord, and my mouth shall declare your praise. You shall open my heart O lord, and all my being shall worship you. You shall open my soul O Lord, and all my mind shall adore You."
    C. "O God come to my assistance, O Lord make haste to help me."
    D. Or use a Scripture verse you like, especially an opening line of almost any Psalm.
    Then, speak with Him, in His Presence, trying always to be aware of His presence as you speak to Him, just as you are when someone else is with you. Only this Person is Your Creator, Your Savior, You Redeemer, Your Recoverer. So, give Him the respect and special attention you feel He deserves. Tell Him whatever bother, annoys, upsets or disturbs you, about yourself and others and even Him. Then, ask Him for His help.
    Finally, realize that He is your Great Friend, and Divine Physician (Healer). He sees and knows everything about you. "Even the hairs on your head have been counted." He well knows how difficult, tough, unfair and sometimes almost impossible this life can be; from simple misunderstandings to deep sufferings, sorrows and pains. Nothing escapes his All-Knowing, All-Seeing and All-Loving eyes. There may be some sorrows, hurts and pains that have eaten too far within for any human eye to see the wounding to its depths. We must then turn to Him, our Great Friend. We need Him always. But we need Him most then. There is no sorrow, hurt or pain of emotions, mind, heart, body or soul that He cannot understand or ease, no wound into the inmost depths that He cannot see, salve and help ease the sorrow, hurt and pain. Even if our lips are too weak, our heart too strained, our emotions too depressed, our mind too stressed out to make a single prayer. He sees it all; He will understand it all. If we but silently show Him our wounds, His healing will come, gently, tenderly and surely, and our hearts will grow strong to battle forward again.
  3. Show reverence and respect in your bodily posture, whenever possible.
    While it can't always be done, it is helpful that your bodily gestures acknowledge and reflect His Presence. So, kneeling and putting one's hands together as in prayer is always helpful. For some falling and lying prostrate on the floor is even better. But, whatever works best for you, is what counts. He sees your entire circumstances and situation.

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