Ladder to Recovery "Ladder To Recovery, 12 Steps To Progress"
This website has been inspired by St. Raphael and the story in the Old Testament Book Tobit

Importance of the First Step

Our Motto:

We put God first, in the precious present; the here and now. He is His present to us, when we allow Him in. 

A recovering person is someone whose attitude can improve if they abstain, just for today, and if necessary just for each moment,  -- in the moment - the gift of the precious present, by putting God first. All life is a present: God's precious present to each and every one of us. And, He is present to us in the very present; the now, and it is the only time and place we can make conscious contact with Him, if we but choose to do so. God is present to us in the present. Therefore, His sharing of very Being with us to heal us; that is His very present to us.

The Absolute Critical Importance of the First Step on the Ladder to Recovery

We focus on doing the First Step .... and doing it well and daily...sometimes breaking it down to moment by moment. The Fist Step is the only step one can do perfectly, the only step which not to do, is not to be able to get to any of the next steps. In other words, without successfully living and practicing the First Step, there is no recovery. No other step is a 'make it or break it' proposition. No other step is so life changing, radical, and yet foundational. The First Step is the only step which when people lose sight of, lose all of their recovery, and have to start all over again, if they are so fortunate as to be blessed twice, with two recoveries, no matter how many years in recovery, (complete abstinence) they may have once had.

Yet this very First Step, the only step without which the other steps would not even exist, needs to be visited daily, tackled head on and practiced. As much as truly great athletes, singers, etc. (and anyone else who excels in their profession) must daily practice their basics, no matter how many years at the top of their game, the same is true for those in recovery. We must never forget our basic approach to life: humility, courage, abstinence, patience, honesty, chastity and fidelity. Our approach starts with the nitty gritty of the very practical "how to do it" and how to do it, no matter what your addiction, affliction or adversity. It's a daily reprieve, based upon the maintenance of a very humble and courageous spiritual condition: acknowledging the Infinite Love, Mercy and tender concern Our Father has for all His children, just as if you were His only child in the Universe. And acknowledging Him first, foremost and before all else in all activity, situations, thoughts, words and deeds. Therefore, give Him the benefit of all possible doubt; recognizing that even doubt is a trick of the devil.  'God works for you, if you work for Him.' Realize the devil is "cunning, baffling, powerful, patient and persistent" but ultimately a coward. He will not stay with you long on the battlefield of your mind, body and soul, if you daily train yourself to become a humble, courageous and resolute fighter under God. 

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